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212845 - Ignition Coil - Aftermarket

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212845 - Ignition Coil - Aftermarket

212845 - Ignition Coil - Aftermarket
Item# 212845
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12935 ignition coil aftermarket 10090987 212845 041918100 2243309f00 2243310w00 2243310w10 2243311m00 2243311m10 2243311m40 2243353a10 22433n8700 22433n8701 22433n8701mp 22433n8710 22433n8711 22433r2400 2244890w00 2244890w10 22448v5410 22448w0560 22448w0570 22448w8900 22448w8910 2246209f10 2246209f15 2246211m00 2246211m40 22462n8711 30500pb3013 30500sa0962 30500sa5003 30500sa5013 30500sa5023 30500sa5033 30500sa5900 30500sa7003 30500sa7932 30500sao962 30500sb0013 30500sb2671 30500sb2672 30500sb3003 30500sb3013 420557100 429882020 429887300 429887310 429887600 429887800 429887810 429888000 5195 72921020534 8941163310 8942309951 8942359970 8942386040 e17z12029a e30118100 e30118100a e35618100 e35718100 e5a118100 e5az18100 f20118100b f20218100b f24018100 f24118100 f80118100 f80118100b f80218100 f80218100b f85018100 fe8518100 he0318100 md013780 subaru brat dl gf gl gl-10 gl10 loyale rx standard xt

Product Attributes

Item Number (SKU)212845
WarrantyOne Year Parts Warranty
ACES CategoryIgnition
ACES SubcategoryIgnition Coil
ACES Part TypeIgnition Coil
OE Reference72921020534
Cross Reference041918100, 2243309F00, 2243310W00, 2243310W10, 2243311M00, 2243311M10, 2243311M40, 2243353A10, 22433N8700, 22433N8701, 22433N8701MP, 22433N8710, 22433N8711, 22433R2400, 2244890W00, 2244890W10, 22448V5410, 22448W0560, 22448W0570, 22448W8900, 22448W8910, 2246209F10, 2246209F15, 2246211M00, 2246211M40, 22462N8711, 30500PB3013, 30500SA0962, 30500SA5003, 30500SA5013, 30500SA5023, 30500SA5033, 30500SA5900, 30500SA7003, 30500SA7932, 30500SAO962, 30500SB0013, 30500SB2671, 30500SB2672, 30500SB3003, 30500SB3013, 420557100, 429882020, 429887300, 429887310, 429887600, 429887800, 429887810, 429888000, 5195, 72921020534, 8941163310, 8942309951, 8942359970, 8942386040, E17Z12029A, E30118100, E30118100A, E35618100, E35718100, E5A118100, E5AZ18100, F20118100B, F20218100B, F24018100, F24118100, F80118100, F80118100B, F80218100, F80218100B, F85018100, FE8518100, HE0318100, MD013780

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