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224432 - Spark Plug - NGK

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224432 - Spark Plug - NGK

224432 - Spark Plug - NGK
Item# 224432
Selling unit: EACH

24696 spark plug ngk 10105043 224432 101905621a 101905621b 5547 6740 73954034129 73954034133 pfr6wt pfr6wtg laser platinum audi vw v8 a6 quattro a8 q7 s5 s6 s8 volkswagen touareg

Product Attributes

Item Number (SKU)224432
WarrantyOne Year Parts Warranty
OE Interchange101905621B
MPN (Mfr#)5547
Cross Reference101905621A, 101905621B, 5547, 6740, 73954034129, 73954034133, PFR6WT, PFR6WTG
ACES PCdbIgnition > Secondary Ignition > Spark Plug

Product Description

An internal combustion engine needs three basic things to run: air, fuel, and spark. We've got you covered for the spark side of things with these NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs

In addition to the excellent hardness and durability of platinum-tipped electrodes, the laser welding on these double-platinum spark plugs makes the center electrode exceptionally fine; the small surface area of the electrode means less current is needed for the spark to jump the gap, so the electrode wears much more slowly.

These spark plugs are VW/Audi's latest B revision. NGK is the OE supplier of these spark plugs, so the only thing you're missing out on here is the silver VW/Audi box.

When replacing spark plugs, be sure to tighten to the recommended torque specifications and no tighter, to avoid damaging either the ceramic spark plug insulator or your engine's aluminum cylinder head.

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