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232957 - Clutch Slave Cylinder - FTE

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232957 - Clutch Slave Cylinder - FTE

232957 - Clutch Slave Cylinder - FTE
Item# 232957
Selling unit: EACH

34772 clutch slave cylinder fte concentric 10114370 232957 21526798372 55606015283 kn2002144 mini cooper countryman paceman

Product Attributes

Item Number (SKU)232957
WarrantyOne Year Parts Warranty
OE Interchange55606015283
MPN (Mfr#)KN2002144
Cross Reference21526798372, 55606015283, KN2002144
ACES PCdbTransmission > Manual Transmission Components > Clutch Slave Cylinder
ACES AliasConcentric Slave Cylinder

Product Description

When you depress the clutch pedal, the force of your press is transferred hydraulically to the clutch: the master cylinder attached to the clutch pedal builds up pressure, sends it along your clutch line, and the pressure pushes the piston in the clutch slave cylinder out against the clutch release fork inside the transmission. When all this happens correctly, pushing the pedal down pushes against the spring-loaded clutch pressure plate and the clutch is released.

When this DOESN'T happen correctly, like if there's a leak somewhere, pressing the clutch pedal won't release the clutch. This most commonly manifests as the car not wanting to go in to gear with the clutch pedal in when the engine is running. Because of its exposure to heat and the elements, the most common clutch hydraulic failure point is usually the slave cylinder.

This slave cylinder is made by FTE, the Original Equipment Manufacturer for this particular Mini clutch slave. The only difference between this one and a Genuine Mini clutch slave cylinder is the Mini box.

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