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What information is collected by this site?

What information is collected when I create an account?

When you sign-up on our site or use a third-party login, you are voluntarily giving us certain information. 

Simple site sign-up only requires your email address and that is all we will know about you unless you login with a social site or place an order.

What information is collected when I login with a Social Login service?

If you use a third-party login such as Google or PayPal, we collect your email address and if provided by the service, your name, shipping address and phone number.  We collect these so you can check out faster.   Basicially, an account on our site is created behind the scenes using the email address provided through the social login service.

We do not directly collect any personal "social" data such as friends lists or demographic information such as age or gender. 

What is information collected when I place an order?

When you place an order on our site, we collect basic information that is needed to process your order and contact you if there is problem.  

If you checkout with a third-party payment service, such as PayPal, we will collect some additional details such as the transaction ID and your account ID.  This is just a normal part of using these types of services and allows us to reference transaction when communicating with the payment service.

When using a bank card as a payment method during checkout, the card and account details (including name and address) are sent to our payment gateway (Authorize.net) for validation.   You can view the Authorize.net privacy policy here: https://www.authorize.net/en-us/about-us/dpa.html  This is normal when screening for fraud.

What is collected if I don't create an account or login?

Our site logs the vehicles you selected and the products you viewed during your visit.  However, if you are not logged in, the data is anonymous and not attached to you.

What is collected by Third-Party services (Trackers, etc.)

We have some third-party tracking installed on our site.  These services will collect information and also may know who you are based on your activity on other websites.  We do not have control over the data they collect and they don't tell us who you are (if they know.)

What are Third-Party Trackers and which ones are active on this site?

We use third-party services such as Google Analytics and Facebook (Meta) to help us determine the effectiveness of our advertising budget, where to spend advertising dollars and to track what sort of content is being viewed on our site.

Third-party privacy policies can be found here:

Cookies (GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, LGPD, etc.)

Our site uses cookies to keep track of who you are when you log in and save your selections and preferences between different pages and areas.  Without cookies, you can't stay logged in and you lose preference selections between site pages (i.e. what vehicle you are shopping for.)

We do not currently have a way to disable tracking cookies on our site.  We are displaying an implied consent banner with a link to this page so you can be informed.

Who do we share your data with?

We generally do not share or sell your data, however we occassionally syncronize email addresses with Google Analytics so we can tell if a visitor has previously purchased from us.

How do I delete my data?

We do not currently offer a way to delete your user account from our website but unused accounts do get purged after a couple years. 

Accounts with order history are available on our site for 5 years.

Product Reviews are partially anonymized and are visible for 2 to 3 years.  If you really want one of your reviews removed, please use our site contact form.


If you have questions, please reach out via our site contact form.