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Billet Acorn Nut - Blue

IPD - 121607

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One Year Parts Warranty
6 X 1.0 MM

Product Description

IPD's billet aluminum acorn nuts are a great way to enhance the appearance of your VW. If you pay attention to the fine details of your car, you’ll notice that the grungy stock acorn nuts securing the license plates deteriorate the exterior styling of your Vee Dub

These acorn nuts utilize aircraft grade billet aluminum finalized with a high quality anodize dip. They're offer these in various colors ensuring they’ll hold their brilliant finish even when exposed to harsh exterior elements. 

A 10mm hex head and 6mm internal thread makes this great for things like license plate frames.

About IPD

WPD's sister company is IPD, known throughout the automotive industry as The Volvo Specialists.

IPD has an extensive range of Genuine Volvo, commodity aftermarket, and high-performance upgrade parts for everything from classic 140s to modern Polestars.

IPD makes many of its exclusive performance parts in-house; where these parts also fit non-Volvos, we're delighted to bring you the same quality that Volvo owners have been enjoying since the company's founding in 1963.

If you have a Volvo in addition to your Volkswagen, make sure to check out what we have on offer!

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