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Anaerobic Sealer Chemical Gasket

Mahle BUL1271200 - 124841

Item Number
Mfr Part Number
Product Group
Oil, fluids & chemicals
OE References
Genuine Volvo - 30644517

Product Description

Aerobic chemical and biological reactions require oxygen to work. The antonym, "anaerobic", means "in the absence of oxygen"...which is where this anaerobic gasket maker comes in.

Unlike RTV (which requires exposure to air to begin the curing process) this chemical sealant begins to cure when the mating surfaces are under pressure, allowing it to be used on wide, flat surfaces like aluminum oil pans where standard RTV might not cure past the exposed outer surface. 

Use by applying a thin, even film to the flat surfaces being mated and bolt/attach together.

About Mahle

Mahle has been manufacturing high quality products since 1920.  Mahle is one of the largest manufacturer of filtration products in the world.  Many OEMs including VW use Mahle for many of their OE products.  For example, in many cases, the filter you buy in a silvert VW box will have Mahle branding on it.  Mahle offers the same quality products to the aftermarket that is does to the OEMs.  In addition to filtration, Mahle also produces engine parts such as pistons and engine gasket sets.  Mahle recently acquired Behr which expands their coverage in to other high quality products such as thermostats and heating and cooling system parts.

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