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Gasket Scraper and Brush Multi Tool

Mahle JV2 - 139678

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This handy scraper tool has lots of features packed into it while still being a great bargain. We all know the difficulty of scraping gasket material that has been on a surface for years and doesn't want to give up its hold. This tool has two different scrapers, as well as a nylon scrubbing brush section to clean off any residual gasket without marring the surface you're working with. In addition to all of its scraping power; this handy guy also includes a bottle opener on one end to crack open that much needed beverage during that long suspension overhaul, cylinder head rebuild, or whatever job your car requires. 

Complete Features:

  • Double Sided Scraper - To remove paper, RTV or chemical style gaskets like a pro without gouging the surface
  • Durable Nylon Bristle Brush - To remove residual gasket material 
  • Ergonomic Handle - To stay ultra comfy when you're scraping it up
  • Tube Squeegee - To get that last... little... bit... of liquid gasket out of the tube
  • Bottle Opener - For tasty beverages
  • Magnetic Handle - To stick to your toolbox (or fridge)
  • Pegboard Hole - Fairly self explanatory? 

About Mahle

Mahle has been manufacturing high quality products since 1920.  Mahle is one of the largest manufacturer of filtration products in the world.  Many OEMs including VW use Mahle for many of their OE products.  For example, in many cases, the filter you buy in a silvert VW box will have Mahle branding on it.  Mahle offers the same quality products to the aftermarket that is does to the OEMs.  In addition to filtration, Mahle also produces engine parts such as pistons and engine gasket sets.  Mahle recently acquired Behr which expands their coverage in to other high quality products such as thermostats and heating and cooling system parts.

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