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Interior Car Care Kit Builder

WPD Kit Builder - K21539

Initial Kit Builder price is based on defaults and will change based on selections you make below.
Microfiber Towels
(Select Optional Component)
  • Speed Shine Microfiber Cloths - Griot's Garage 55527In Stock+$19.99More info
  • Microfiber Drying Cloth - Sonax 450800In Stock+$19.95More info
  • Microfiber Ultrafine Cloths - Sonax 450700Available to Order (Backorders are typically available to ship within a few days)+$21.45More info
  • Microfiber Cloths - Sonax 416541Available to Order (Backorders are typically available to ship within a few days)+$11.95More info
Leather Care (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Leather Care - Griot's Garage 11142In Stock+$17.99More info
Glass Cleaner (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Foaming Glass Cleaner - Griot's Garage 10998In Stock+$7.99More info
  • Window Cleaner - Griot's Garage 11108In Stock+$10.95More info
Interior Detailer (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Interior Cleaner - Griot's Garage 11104In Stock+$16.95More info
Carpet Cleaner (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Carpet Cleaner - Griot's Garage 10990In Stock+$13.95More info
Cleaning Tools (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Microfiber Vent Cleaning Brush - AftermarketIn Stock+$4.95More info
  • Microfiber Window Cleaner Wand - AftermarketIn Stock (152)+$10.99More info
Dashboard Cleaner (optional)
(Select Optional Component)
  • Deselect component
  • Dashboard Cleaner - Sonax 283241Available to Order (Backorders are typically available to ship within a few days)+$16.95More info
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About WPD Kit Builder

Our knowledgeable staff has taken all the busy work out of researching products for your project. Inside each Kit Builder are recommended components that are necessary when performing a specific task. The customer now has the power to select each item, catering to their brand preference, budget, and availabiity. 

We have Kit Builders for front brakes, rear brakes, front suspension, rear suspension and tune up kits as well. 

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