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Aerosol Microlon Liquid Penetrant

Microlon AEROSOL - 225650

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Oil, fluids & chemicals
5 OZ

Product Description

Microlon Aerosol contains the highest quality cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants in an easy to use spray can, which allows access to hard to reach places.

The aerosol treatment is simple and easy to apply. Just simply spray on mechanical device for smoother operation. Typical applications include fishing reels, bicycle gears, hinges, garage door roller hubs, metal window tracks, filing cabinet and desk tracks, in short, anywhere friction is a nuisance.

Because Microlon Aerosol contains the cleansing agents, it may be harmful to paint finishes and rubber or plastic parts. Do not use on painted surfaces or on rubber or plastic parts. If the spray comes in contact with those surfaces, wipe away with a clean cloth.

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