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Exhaust Hanger Tool

Aftermarket - 110220

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For installing and especially removing the rubber hanger from exhaust systems we haven't found a better tool yet! Our exhaust hanger hook allows you to firmly grab hold of rubber exhaust hangers and stretch them over and off exhaust hanger hooks. No more prying with screwdrivers or scratching up your new exhaust. Great for doing exhaust work without help.

About Aftermarket

Aftermarket parts are a reasonably priced and good alternative to OE products. We often supply aftermarket products in place of OE parts that are no longer available as well. 

Some items will be better than stock or considered an upgrade from the OE design in the aftermarket brand. 

Other items will work as a less expensive alternative to stock. 

We will not sell a product that we do not believe in, so rest assured you are fine with the aftermarket brand in most applications!

If you have any questions, contact our customer service team to advise on the best aftermarket products for your VW.

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