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Microflex Latex Gloves - Large

Diamond Grip MF300L - 105472

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Diamond Grip
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Oil stained fingers and nails for a week after every under the hood encounter was once a fact of life for me.

I tried every lotion, potion and all kinds of commotion to keep my hands and fingernails clean, but nothing worked and my hands were taking a lot of abuse. A few years ago, I started using latex gloves purchased from the local hardware store. They worked OK, but didn't last very long or fit very well. Recently we tried a glove made specifically for professional auto mechanics by MICRO-FLEX.

MICRO-FLEX "Diamond Grip" gloves are very strong and comfortable and provide great "feel". It's possible to work on your car all day and only go through a couple sets. The gloves are lightly powdered, so they slip on easily. A small amount of baby powder makes re-using the gloves easier with sweaty hands. Give'm a try and you'll wonder why you waited so long.

About Diamond Grip

Diamond Grip is a brand of gloves made by Microflex.

MICROFLEX® gloves are synonymous with cutting-edge innovation, reliable quality, and superior performance. Our vast portfolio of industrial and medical examination gloves can be used in a variety of demanding work environments, ranging from factories and body shops, to dental offices, laboratories, and ambulances. For over 30 years, we have continued to develop high-quality MICROFLEX® solutions for every task and environment.

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